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MaglevTransport, Inc. is a boutique consulting firm specializing in the field of magnetic levitation, or maglev, technology for passenger and cargo transportation.

Mr. Laurence E. (Larry) Blow, the founder, is a seasoned veteran, having hands-on experience planning maglev projects since 1988, mainly in North America.

Working independently or using a network of expert associates, MaglevTransport, Inc. offers a wide array of professional support services concerning maglev systems and potential applications, including:

  • Technical consulting,

  • Business planning and analysis, and

  • Research and media articles/opinion pieces.

Whatever your interest in maglev, feel free to contact Mr. Blow for individual information.



Typical services:

  • Public speaking

  • Editorial writing

  • Technology assessments

  • Technical debates

  • Legislative strategy

  • Business planning

  • Science fairs/competitions

  • Speed profiles

  • Operational assessments

  • Site surveys

  • Alignment analyses

  • Ridership studies